Faith and Family
I’m blessed to have a legacy of faith stretching back to my grandmothers (possibly further) and forward to my granddaughters, five generations and counting. My faith undergirds my life and informs every aspect of it. Lest you think this means I go through my days wearing rose-colored glasses, I will tell you I was widowed at the age of 38 and left to raise two young daughters alone. Yet God’s faithfulness to me and my family since that unwanted and unanticipated life event over 20 years ago has only served to strengthen my trust in Him.

Hope and Horticulture
I most often sense God’s peace and presence when enjoying the beauty and wonder of His creation. Imagine my surprise and delight when He made it possible for me to return to school to study horticulture the same year I became a grandmother!  So, in addition to plenty of Scriptural principles you’ll also find horticultural analogies as well as anecdotes from my life as “Mom” and “Grammie” adorning my posts.

Joy in the Journey
I’m looking forward to spending eternity in the new Jerusalem with its redeemed garden, but while I’m here I want to cheer on my fellow travelers. I hope you’ll stop by often and leave feeling like you’ve been hugged!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I am so happy you are doing this. Your keen spiritual insights and way of expressing them is so meaningful, inspiring and helpful.

    LaVerne Abbott

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