Feed the birds, take 2

My alarm clock didn’t go off this morning. Consequently I made it downstairs later than usual and later than I’d planned. A quick glance at the bird feeder revealed an almost-empty receptacle, with only an inch or so of millet languishing in the bottom of the cylinder. A few hopeful birds hopped along the deck railing and then, upon finding no sunflower seed, flew forlornly back to the branches of the snow-covered trees. Yes, we had a light snow last night, just enough to decorate everything and make for a lovely sight this morning. But it was also enough to make the birds even more in need of those precious seeds than usual so I pulled a coat on over my robe and pjs and refilled the feeder  before making my own breakfast.

I was immediately rewarded by the appearance of several dozen birds – on the feeder, on the deck and dotted throughout the trees closest to the house, awaiting their turn to retrieve one of the highly-coveted seeds. Chickadees, titmice, juncos, cardinals (including a male, his red feathers appearing especially bright against the white snow), plus several kinds of sparrows and finches flitted merrily about – all rejoicing over the replenished food supply.Although I enjoy seeing all the different kinds of birds that frequent my feeder, I think the chickadees are my favorites.

Within a few days of first placing the feeder on a plant hook by my deck, I became aware of how quickly the birds accustomed themselves to dining on the seeds it holds, depending on me to fill and refill it. And, as their reliance on me has grown, I feel a corresponding responsibility to make sure they’re well fed. I delight in the relationship that’s developed between me and these small creatures. In caring for them, I know I’m helping keep an eye on some of God’s sparrows. I can’t help but think He takes joy in watching me partake of all He provides just as I relish watching the birds feast on the sunflower seed. Unlike me, though, God is never late in providing what I need; neither will His storehouses ever be empty. Not only do the cattle on a thousand hills (along with everything else) belong to Him, but as my loving heavenly Father, I can trust Him for all my needs. As the birds rejoiced over the restocked feeder this morning, may I ever exalt and give thanks to the One who tenderly sustains me.

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