Drumroll, please!

I’ve wanted to add pages to Back 2 the Garden almost since its inception over a year ago. I’ve read about setting up pages several times and each time I did I’d sigh and leave my site exactly as it was with Home and About being the only menu items. You see, all of the how to info says pages are generally static and I want my pages to be anything but . . . more like seasonal color to enhance the overall experience of visiting the Garden. So, after way too many months of agonizing over not following the rules, I’m going to set up the pages the way I’ve envisioned them and, since they won’t be static, I hope you’ll find them interesting enough to click on them from time to time to see what’s blooming.

Introducing . . .

Did you know . . . ?
This is a Back 2 the Garden potpourri, featuring a range of topics and incidental information – whatever piques my interest at the time of posting.

Give life
One of the most important of many Biblical tenets I’ve learned from my friend and spiritual mother, Susan Hunt, is that of being a life-giver instead of a life-taker. In fact, it has become one of my guiding principles.

Quotes are amongst my favorite collectibles – meaningful words, some speaking to me across centuries, others as recent as columnists’ observations in the daily newspaper.

Walking the property
My land holdings consist of approximately 1/3 acre in a typical suburban housing development. Nevertheless, I’m thankful to have stewardship over this parcel of God’s creation. Check here for info on some of the special treasures I find as I stroll the grounds (and others’ gardens) season after season.

Please let me know what you think about these additions to the Garden!

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